About Us

Shanghai Yuhao Household Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of plastic bottles. Despite humble beginnings, our company continued to grow year after year by always staying true to our core values of innovation, quality, and service. Today, our factory in the Pudong District of Shanghai, China, has an annual production of over 20 million units, and we have consistently met the standards of ISO9001, BSCI, and WCA..
A unique advantage of our company is our in-house design team that works tirelessly to push out new and exciting designs every month. It is important for us to challenge the conventional ways of thinking that tend to lead to stagnant development. We believe that there are always new ways to add value, and that we are only held back by the limits of our own imagination. This is why we’re able to constantly present fresh concepts to our client base
We knew that we needed a capable factory to keep up with our innovative designs, so we invested heavily into the latest and greatest in manufacturing equipment. Our factory staff is highly trained and dedicated to producing quality products with the utmost precision. Their hard work makes it possible to breathe life into what was once sketches on paper. As a result, our factory and design department can work seamlessly as one, and that means we always have something to bring to the table for both OEM and ODM customers.
Customer experience and satisfaction is a high priority for us. So much so that in 2013 we opened up SimpleHH, a US branch located in Los Angeles, California. Here, we specialize in catering to the needs of our North American customers. This branch is also responsible for the development of the iBottle and iWater brands. So far we've already had the opportunity to work with great companies such as Disney, DELTA, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, General Motors, and we are looking forward to all the new partnerships we will forge in the coming year.